About the Club

Cowdenbeath FC was founded as a community club and recognises its duty to the local area. As such the Stadiums location in the centre of town makes it a focal point within the town and the club utilise the stadium and the club resources to sustain and encourage community cohesion and the health and wellbeing of its citizens. In April 2021, the Club formed a Charity, The Central Park Community Trust in order to deliver its community programmes. Operating as Cowden in the Community, the Trust delivers recreational sessions and programmes for all ages and is also in partnership with Blue Brazil Football Club to support competive football for boys and girls in the Cowdenbeath area.

Some of our programmes include : 

Primary School Football Sessions : Weekly Pre, Lunch and After School classes run by Cowdenbeath FC Community Coaches around the Cowdenbeath Area.

Football Holiday Camps : Week long camps run by Community Coaches during the Easter, Summer & October breaks.

Walking Football : Walking football is for men and women aged 55 and over or for those suffering or recovering from a medical condition. This very popular activity enables those who can no longer participate in the full blown game and in addition provides health benefits, tackles social isolation and is great fun.

Tots Kickers : These classes are for youngsters 18 months to 3 years and use a variety of fun inspired interactive games and football play, designed to help develop a child’s basic moves and co-ordination skills.

Mini Kickers : These classes are for 3-5 year olds and are fun participation sessions that provide an ideal first step on a young person’s Football for Life journey. Using imagination and creativity, children play their way through themed sessions which are adult and child based allowing for a holistic educational experience.

P1-3 Boys Football - For boys aged 5-7 years who want to develop their skills or for those just beginning their football journey.  

P1-3 Girls only Football - For girls aged 5-7 years who want to develop their skills or for those just beginning their football journey.  

Free Friday Nights 5s at Lochgelly and Cowdenbeath.  - For 12-17 years, turn up and play. 

Facility for Hire - We have rooms and lounges for 6 to 60 people at in the centre of town at Central Park with unlimited free parking  


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Bluebells Belles P1-3 Girls

Fun Football sessions for girls aged 5/7 years looking to develop basic skills or those just starting out on their football journey 

Open to all

Bluebells Boys P1-3

Fun Football Session designed for boys aged 5/7 years looking for extra training to develop basic skills or for those just starting their football journey.

Open to all 

CITC Camps

Football Camps/Sessions during School Holidays and In-Service Days